National Anti-Crime Institute of America-NACIA - "REACTING AGAINST CRIME & VIOLENCE"
The National Anti-Crime Institute of America & RAVE-Reacting Against Violence Everywhere, Inc, were founded in 2000 and received their IRS 501 (C) (3) non-profit status in July 2001.  Created by a group of Law Enforcement / Justice Professionals, the top level of expertise and professionalism through training, education, and consulting has helped thousands of people and many Government City, County, State &
Federal Agencies.  Training U.S. Soldiers preparing them for deployment through Classified Military Programs, NACIA has very respected SME's and Instructors in various levels of OSUT along with ranges of high caliper for National Security.  Achieving it's level of SECRET, NACIA has demonstrated with outstanding results in performing these Task Orders with it's Special Operations Team through CCR.
On the civilian side, we have helped to rehabilitate thousands of adults and youth through programs of education and training.  At times volunteering our services and other times contracting at minimal fees as an order of Court Probation or Board of Probatioin & Parole, CASP, etc...Evaluations have been conducted on various programs we offer and have found that our re-offending rate to be one of the lowest.  With success rates in the
80 % area, we have worked and continue to offer programs that actually work and not just to help the defendant/offender "get through the system."  Of course as we all know, it is up to them to actually place the course / program material in their life of which we provide the "Tools" and motivations to assist them in doing so.  Making the information an ease for all to understand and apply both male and female and all cultures have spoken very positive of how we treat all people equal since we are all human beings.
Further, our Justice  / Law Enforcement Training, continuing education classes has continued to remain "cutting edge" to stay current and to help stop / prevent crime and assist each and every Officer, Sheriff, State Trooper-Patrol, and Special Agent / Analyst in the performance of their duties successfully.  Instructors for NACIA have worked in many Gov Agencies currently and many are retired both Domestic and International.
In closing, we continue to remain very positive in our track-record attempting to be specific in detail to each and every assignment, contract, consulting matter, and instruction for each student / trainee.  We have numerous affiliations and memberships creating a large network of Experts to assist with your needs and request.  Troubleshooting is a specialty. 
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     National Anti-Crime Institute of America-RAVE-Reacting Against Violence Everywhere, Inc. 
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