National Anti-Crime Institute of America-NACIA - "REACTING AGAINST CRIME & VIOLENCE"
A Message From Dennis Davis-Director - March 2016
As we continue to serve Our Great Country, I would
like to thank our many Partners, Agencies, Board Members and Affiliates who have been so supportive
in helping us to be successful.  The NACIA Instructors who each have their own special area of expertise and knowledge to pass on to our many students.  Whether those students are Soldiers preparing for Deployment Nationally or around the world, Offenders trying to turn their life of bad choices or criminal violations into productive-healthy lifestyles, or the many Government / Law Enforcement Students helping to keep each of us safe daily.  Each member of NACIA/Reacting Against Violence Everywhere (Affiliate), are very dedicated, caring, Professionals who are willing to help those in need. 
Some of our Instructors actually volunteer their services to help our Court Probation Services to educate each Referral/Student.  Some of those very Students who have made one bad choice and found themselves under arrest for such crimes as Domestic Violence-America's Family Crisis, Theft-related Crimes, Substance & Alcohol-related Crimes, Youth Crime and many other both misdemeanor and felony types, of violations.  From City, County, State, and Federal jurisdictions.  Or the person who has had a continual pattern of crime throughout his or her life, our Program Material has helped to change thousands of lives's.  We continue to update and provide much-needed educational material that everyone can understand and apply to their situation and circumstance.
Unfortunately...STRESS continues to be a major problem for everyone as our Country struggles through difficult financial problems which is affecting all of us.  But, Stress is NO EXCUSE for Domestic Violence/Abuse.  Violence is a Learned Behavior and it is wrong behavior as well as being Illegal to be Violent with any person.  (Obviously not including Sports, Police/Military Employment...).  No One Likes To Be Controlled!!!  We have ask each of our Domestic Violence Students over a 15 year period how many of them liked to be Controlled.  No one raised their hands in over 15 years of Classes.  But, when asked, how many of those same Students questioned Found Themselves being Controlling at Times, Approx. 70-85 % raised their hands.   Each of us must manage both our stress and anger while thinking prior to reacting in all situations.  Realizing that we should never Abuse, Get Violent, or Control others in Relationships.  Pressing that "Pause" button in our mind (our computer) and thinking..."Am I about to make a good choice or a bad one."  Our words which we speak can cause great great Blessings or Great Hurt to individuals.  Learn how to manage and control your Anger and Stress continually as it will be worth it not just in public view, but, behind closed doors as well.
In closing, I Pray for Our Great Country's Leadership and all people.  That each of us will be a positive influence on our family and those in our workplaces as well as those in public.  Please STOP all Domestic Violence and let's be a Professional-Positive role model for all our youth continually.  Also, helping to Secure Our Nation's Infrastructure against all forms of Terrorism whether it be International or Domestic-type.  I Pray for all of our Law Enforcement at all levels as they have a very difficult job and that each of them will be the best they can be ethically and within the LAW. 

2016 Update:
As crime continues to rise, our efforts continue to expand without raising our Fees/Costs.  I felt we could have some Personnel Budget Costs so we could continue to help the Community.  Many Student/Defendants are attempting to turn their life around for the positive and money can be a big factor in paying all the Costs associated with Personal Crime Choices.  We have also continued to learn what expanded Rehabilitation Skills work better than others.  Even when a Student are set in their ways of Life, we attempt to motivate them for change...anyone can change if they WANT TO.  Under The Influence-Crimes continue to be a major problem along with Rebellion against Authority-based Crimes.  We are thankful to have had the opportunity to help those in need.  One wrong choice can destroy a person's life, end their Freedom and cause a world of problems.  We also continue to teach Zero Tolerance...No More Violations, No Matter will be worth it for your life, your family, and your future.  This has helped thousands of Students based on their Evaluations.         

Thank you all for your support and efforts!!!
Sincerely - IN GOD WE TRUST;
Dennis Davis-Director 

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